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Robert Dawson, Log, 2014, Limited Edition Plate


cobalt blue print on bone china
10 5/8 in diameter. Limited edition of 25

Log follows from Spin, a piece by Dawson that involves a riff on the Willow pattern tableware design.  Spin reflects upon the many processes in making ceramics, from ancient throwing to industrial jiggering.  Log comes from thoughts of cycles everywhere, universally.  Log harkens to Dawson's  studies in electronics and telecommunications in his early 20's and his work with extremely high cycles-per-second radio waves modulated by low-frequency audio waves.  For Dawson, everything everywhere is about cycles, from the subatomic world through to the organic rhythms of life, the machinery of the industry, financial cycles, to the spiraling of galaxies.  The line on 'Log' is a logarithmic spiral - drawn onto a circular object. Log balances the graphic vulgarity of this volute with a refined sense of white space and a profound cosmological notion. 

Based in London where he runs his studio, Aesthetic Sabotage, Robert Dawson was born in New York City in 1953 but spent most of his childhood in Geneva, Switzerland. He received his MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art in 1999. His art commissions include those at Sedgemoor, commissioned by Liverpool City Council; as well as For Eloise at Philip House, Croydon, commissioned by Mayforth Property Ltd, in collaboration with Bowmer and Kirkland Ltd and Axiom Architects among others. He has been commissioned to design chinaware by Wedgewood and Sons Ltd, Volpe and Volpe, Habitat, and tmtmDesigns. His work is included in The Victoria & Albert Museum, London; The Walker Art Gallery, National Museums, Liverpool; The Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston; The Museum of Fine Art, Houston; The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Maison Patrimoniale de Barthete, France; and many others.Read about Dawson on CFile.

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