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About CFile Shop

CFile Shop is a non-profit online gallery and bookstore specializing in exclusive offerings of editions by leading artists in our field. We also offer some unlimited pieces, unique artworks and limited edition or hard to find books. All proceeds from sales help fund our non-profit parent, CFile Foundation. The Foundation is in the process of building an online educational campus serving a global community for clay and ceramic art, design and architecture. When it is all built, in addition to our weekly ceramics magazine, visitors will be able to view scholarly exhibitions, engage in critical studies, read our twice yearly academic journal Ostracon or take part in both real and online conferences.  For more information about CFile you can click here, or when you have finished shopping, click on the CFile link on the main menu.

A Note About Shipping Costs

We wanted to make our shipping policy easy and affordable so we're not charging for shipping on books.  For all artwork we'll charge a $10 flat fee to cover the costs of packing and shipping these valuable, breakable pieces.  If you buy more than one work at a time, you still only have to pay $10.00 for shipping for all of it.  Good news, right?

International Shipping

We are happy to ship internationally! While we are not configured to accept international orders on this online store at this time, we will work with you on whatever product and shipping arrangement you would like. If you would like to make a purchase from somewhere other than the U.S, please contact

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