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Ceramic Millennium
Critical Writings on Ceramic History, Theory, and Art


The Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (April 1, 2006). 430 pages, 

Essays by: Garth Clark, Clement Greenberg, Nancy Selvage, Doris Shadbolt, Philip Rawson, John Bentley Mays, Paul Greenhalgh, Michael McTwigan, Mark Pennings, Justin Clemens, George Woodman, David Hamilton, Susan Tunick, Edward Lebow, Gerry Williams, Leopold L. Foulem, Graham McLaren, Tanya Harrod, Janet Koplos, Gabi Dewald, David McFadden, and Edmund de Waal.  

Over the last two decades of the twentieth century, the Ceramic Arts Foundation (formerly the Institute for Ceramic History) presented International Ceramics Symposiums in New York, Toronto, London and Amsterdam, among other cities. In the course of that work, it fundamentally changed the approach of ceramics to the field's modern history, to scholarship, and to criticism. The first symposium was held in conjunction with the groundbreaking exhibition, A Century of Ceramics in the United States 1878-1978, in Syracuse, New York, and opened with a keynote address by Clement Greenberg. The most recent conference attracted 3,500 participants, 65 national delegations and involved an arts festival spanning 73 museums and galleries throughout Europe. Garth Clark, CAF's founding director and a noted ceramics scholar, has selected these symposium essays from eminent voices in mainstream art and design as well as the finest specialty writers on ceramics, past and present.




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