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Virgil Ortiz, Cuda: Aeronaut | Fleet Admiral | Survivorship Armada. Limited Edition.


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10.25" dia. porcelain plate with onglaze decal.

Using his unique combination of history and science fiction, Virgil Ortiz has created four limited edition plates for CFile.  Each plate is inspired by his ongoing Pueblo Revolt 1680/2180 Series. In this body of work Ortiz takes the historic event of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt and gives it new relevance by re-telling it in a future setting.  The story takes form through a wide range of media including ceramics, photography, video, fashion, body painting and installation. “Translator”, a central character in his story, is the connection between the past and the future. Ortiz has created Translator in clay and also given it life through live-body painting events. His photography of a live action Translator is the genesis of the imagery for the surface of these plates.

Virgil Ortiz brings a distinctive style of innovation, iconoclasm and irreverence to the world of American Indian Art. Inspired by the history of his native Cochiti Pueblo, he delves into the past and uses his Pueblo’s historic pottery as the foundation for his contemporary work. Cochiti Pueblo is particularly known for a tradition of making figures that critique and comment on a specific moment in time as well as pervasive societal issues. Ortiz revels in this social commentary and blends it with tattoo art, piercings and overtones of leather fetish. Ortiz’s stories told in clay and other media use the unique educational power of art to bring awareness of an under-represented history to the world. Ortiz shows in galleries across the USA and abroad. He has designed textile patterns for Donna Karan as well as his own line of apparel and accessories.

These plates are currently in production and will be available to ship by mid-late October.

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